Dancing in her sleep

Album: The Past

  1. Dancing in her sleep


Mama took her daughter to see the shrink. “Doctor, doc, you’ve gotta help us quick. She’s been dancing, dancing in her sleep. She will not eat and she’s been dancing in her sleep.”

“She hardly talks, lives in a dream. Her room, dear God, it’s a sight to see, and now she’s dancing, dancing in her sleep. I worry and I weep with her dancing in her sleep.”

“She used to be a real fine girl. Laughing eyes, head full of curls, but now she dancing, dancing in her sleep. You’ve gotta help us please with all this dancing in her sleep.”

Well, the Doc said “Ma’am,” the doc said “Miss, I’ve never heard of a case like this. Of dancing? Dancing in her sleep? Must be something down deep all this dancing in her sleep.”

Then Mama said “Doc, there’s a boy next door. He looks at her and there’s trouble I’m sure, and now she’s dancing, dancing in her sleep. Where will all of this lead, this dancing in her sleep?”

Then the doc, he smiled. The doc, he laughed. The doc said “Mama, I think I’ve heard enough about this here dancing in her sleep. You just leave that girl be with her dancing in her sleep.”

That girl grew up and moved away. Mama tells the story to this day, of her dancing, dancing in her sleep. Now she thinks it was sweet, all that dancing in her sleep.

Notes on: Dancing in her sleep (2012)

I had a friend whom I was playing music with and he played through the chord change from A to D on guitar in a slightly unusual and ear-catching way. I just put the lilt in. I had already been thinking of the notion of dancing in his/her sleep so it all just came together (the theme is also in Whatever It Takes). It’s nothing fancy, just three chords, but the lilt on that chord change is what makes it. I credit him as co-writer because although I actually wrote the words and melody, the song wouldn’t have been written at all without his inspirational input.

In another life I used to be a therapist. The idea of someone coming in with a problem that the therapist has never seen before, or even heard of, is not that unusual. There are a range of sleep disturbances including sleep-binge-eating and sleep-driving, some of which are truly quite mad. In this instance I think I’d have gone with my intuition and been supportive and just trusted that things would work themselves out in time, which in the song they do.