Joni asked me to marry her

Album: The Past

  1. Joni asked me to marry her


Joni asked me to marry her. Said her time was running short. Wants to have a kid someday and thinks that she could love me more. She could come to love me more.

“We’ve been friends a long time, and we’re good in bed. Don’t you think it’s time we all grew up?” Them’s the words that Joni said. They’re the words that Joni said.

Now how ’bout that my pretty one? So indifferent and aloof. Joni says her clock is ticking. I figure maybe yours is too.

Joni asked me to think awhile to make sure I’m on her track. Once she starts a-cooking, she said, there’d be no turning back. Could never be no going back.

So how ’bout that my lovely? With your head up in the cloud. You can think of all you’ve got now, or think of all you’re missing out. Think of all you’re missing out. Think of all we’re missing out now. Think of all we’re missing out. Joni asked me to marry her.

Notes on: Joni asked me to marry her (2012)

I wanted to write a straight-forward tune for a change; something good but not fancy. So I thought in chord changes and duplets and triplets and such structures for a while. I don’t know where the lyric came from but I began with the idea of a woman asking a man to marry her; it seemed a bit novel. Then when I was doing it the idea occurred that maybe he’s actually singing this song to another woman. It sounds at first like he’s singing to an audience, but he’s actually playing off one woman against another, the cad! It reminds me of one of the wickedest pieces of writing I’ve ever seen. British author Paul Johnson wrote a column about sexual harassment, and in it he said words to the effect of: “How does a man ever get anywhere with a woman if he doesn’t apply a little pressure occasionally.”

I’m sure most of us have had a Joni in our lives too, someone we might well have done all the best things in life with; been intimate, loved, had a family, and yet somehow it just wasn’t quite the right fit. Yes, they would have been faithful, caring, enthusiastic, supportive, and might well in time have grown into a genuinely impressive person, able to enrich our lives immeasurably. But they just didn’t quite light the fire. When we finally appreciate the full implications of such choices we may think back and realize we were damn fools to pass up someone so fine. Well, yes, I suppose I could have worked harder in my career too. So Joni is really just the other side of the coin to Carolyn (and two girl’s names are more than enough for one album).